Email marketing is crucial for the success of your business online. And since email marketing is often the channel most likely to convert prospects into sales and generate profits for a lot of companies, it’s important to utilise a good strategy which will help brings the results you want.

When a prospect signs up to join your email list, they are showing an interest in your product or service, and this is usually a powerful sign they are intending to buy from you at some point. It would be foolish to lose a prospect at this stage due to a weak and limp email marketing strategy.

Here are ten quick tips which will help you skyrocket the results of your next email campaign.


  1. Your emails need to be consistent. Send out emails which display the “sender” as your company name, not your own personal name. Unless, of course, your personal name is your brand name, then it’s OK to send emails from your personal name. Your reader is much more likely to recognise your company name than you personally.
  2. You should only ever send emails when you have something to say. And ensure whatever you do say is of benefit to the recipient. All emails should contain something of value. If you don’t have something to say, you will drive your reader away and they won’t bother to open future emails you send.
  3. Begin each email by specifying what the benefit is your reader will gain from reading your email. It must capture their attention immediately, and it should pass the “What’s in it for me?” test. Promise your reader a worth-while reward for reading your email.
  4. Your tone and language should be conversational and personal. Avoid trying to sound corporate and stuffy. People like to communicate with other people who come across as genuine and friendly, not somebody who sounds stuffy and boring.
  5. Make an offer. You should clearly highlight in your email exactly what your offer is and how your reader can take immediate action. And make it easy for your reader to act on, include links to where you wish to direct them and include a deadline to create a sense of urgency.
  6. Your email should only contain as much copy as is absolutely necessary. It shouldn’t be so brief that you don’t capture your readers interest, but it also shouldn’t be too long winded they click away either. Introduce yourself, make an offer and eliminate any objections they may have. Stack your offer with facts as to how exactly your product or service can enhance their life in some way.
  7. Don’t forget to test. Test your subject lines so you know which email has the strongest chance of being clicked open and read. Test small and then when a winner is evident, email the winner out to your entre list.
  8. Make sure your email is as sharable as possible. Include social media sharing buttons in your signature, or a note simply stating “Email this to a friend.”
  9. Ask your recipient to mark your email as “safe” – this will ensure that future emails drop straight into your reader’s inbox and aren’t filtered out in their spam folder.
  10. Sometimes people are too damn busy to open your emails. Or you may have just caught them at a bad time. So re-send your email a few days later to those that don’t click through and open your email. Of course, you will need email marketing software to determine exactly who on your email list didn’t open your email.


Follow these ten simple steps and you should see a drastic improvement with your email marketing in no time at all.


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