The most important question a student of copywriting can ever ask is “How can I make my sales copy more believable?”

Why? The answer is the foundation of all successful communication.

Communicating your sales message in a believable way is the quickest way to build trust with your reader. This is especially true in sales copy, but this fundamental principle applies to communication in spoken words, too.

Without trust, absolutely nobody will buy a single thing from you. Not now. Not ever.

With believability being such a crucial element to any sales message you write, it’s astonishing that nearly all writers, speakers and communicators neglect it entirely. And most ad agencies, copywriters and entrepreneurs have no clue how to resolve this. They continue to communicate helplessly with poor results.

So if few people understand how to breathe believability into their copy, how can you get ahead of the curve and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes?

Let me show you!


Here are seven simple steps you can use to build that indispensable element of credibility right away:

1 – Tell the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Far too much copy out there is spouting untruths! Your prospects are way smarter than you think. They will smell a lie in your copy a mile off. And if they get a whiff of something wrong, they simply stop reading.

2 – Be your authentic self.

Develop your own genuine, honest character. And keep it really interesting. Don’t hide away the real you, which is what most writers tend to do.

Add some character to your copy – introduce family members; that straight laced sister or weirdo brother, or that hilarious uncle or flamboyant mother – maybe even that larger-than-life friend who everyone adores. People love to read about interesting, colourful characters.

Write like you talk – use every day phrases and expressions you typically use. For example, if you normally say “hot-diggity-damn” or “well, I’ll be darned” or “Oh, hell yeah” – use it! This is your authentic self. Can you picture an ad agency being this personable with their copy? No, me neither!

As a side note, I must add – if you’re the kind of person who uses profanity, I strongly advise you leave it out of your copy. Some people may be fine with your colourful language, but there will also be a few who take great offence.  It’s better to err on the side of caution.

3 – Make provocative promises and back up every claim.

It’s quite simple really. Make your promises bold and juicy enough to grab people’s attention. But don’t promise something you cannot deliver on. Back up every claim with a stack of facts.

4 – Create short stories within your copy. Everyone loves a good story. And they don’t have to be long. A few short sentences can do wonders.

Flick through a copy of Reader’s Digest and you’ll notice that every article begins with a mini story. And with more than 17 million readers, there’s proof right there it works.

5 – Be specific.

Rather than say “I can show you how I made over $100,000 with this simple method.” It doesn’t sound nearly as genuinely as if you said “I can show you how I made $104,736 with this simple method.”

Specific numbers are a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. To be believable, it must appear true. While others use generalities in their copy, you can get ahead of the curve by being as specific as you can.

6 – Specify a location.

Adding a location to your copy feels more real to your reader. For example, “Housewife from Hill Valley Park Becomes an Internet Sensation!”

7 – Give you main character an occupation.

Again, this adds authenticity to your copy. For instance, “Injury Claim Lawyer from New York Earned $17,354 Last Month with This One Investment Tip.”


Apply these 7 simple secrets to your copy as often as possible to ensure your writing comes across as honest, humanised and, most importantly, believable.

But don’t forget – your headline is the number one key that will draw people in to read your copy. Your headline’s task is to stop people long enough to make them curious to read the first few sentences of your sales message. Check out my article on How to Write Killer Headlines

Use these tips in your next writing project and watch your sales explode!


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