As part of my continuous study in the art of copywriting, I spend a large portion of my day, every day, critiquing various pieces of copy.

It could be a sales letter sent in the post or a flyer that drops through my letter box, an e-mail in my inbox or a space ad in a magazine and, more often than not, copy on websites I come across during my day.

Mostly, the body copy is OK. Occasionally it’s really good, well written with a powerful hook.

But usually, I find that the headlines are weak. In fact, so weak…well…they SUCK!

Yes, it’s shocking. But it’s the cold hard truth.

I cannot stress enough the importance of strengthening headlines.

Why’s it so important?

Without a powerful headline, no piece of copy has even the slimmest of chances of being successful.

A powerful headline can be contributed to 90% of success in direct marketing.

Crafting your headline should be your biggest concern in every copywriting project you undertake.

Here’s a game changer that will turn you into a headline generating powerhouse.

I typically draft over a 100 headlines for my copy…most copywriters will only write one or two!


You can turn failed ads and sales letters into winners simply by changing the headline.

Here’s a few suggestions to get you started.

Write your killer headline first – before you even think of writing a word of your body copy.

Generate as many headlines as you can – and select the three best ones to test.

Many of the headlines you draft won’t be perfect to use as your main headline, but they can make great subheads within your copy.

Ask yourself – would your proposed headline stop your reader and catch their attention enough to influence them to read the first few sentences of your body copy? If not, you need to come up with a more powerful headline.


Now I’ve drummed into you how important headlines are – I’m going to show you seven proven headline techniques, with examples, which can drastically improve your headlines going forward.

  1. Prepare a Free Report or eBook packed with valuable information alongside the offer for your product.

Free eBook Reveals How to Lose 8lbs of Body Fat In 7 Days


  1. Intrigue your reader by asking a question that is tailored to their niche.

What Makes a Writer Successful?


  1. Make use of one-word attention grabbing headlines. Examples:









  1. Highlight your guarantee.

Triple Your Sales In 60 Days Guaranteed – Or Our Service is Free


  1. Relate your selling price with something routine.

Secure Your Family’s Future – A Life Insurance Plan That Cost’s Less Than Your Daily Cappuccino


  1. Present you prospect with a problem – and then hand them a solution.

Looking For a New Career? – Our FREE Report Shows You How to Land Your Dream Job


  1. Encourage you reader to take immediate action by including a timeframe.

Drop Two Dress Sizes with This 7 Minute Fitness Plan


Now you’ve read through these easy to implement techniques, you have zero excuses for writing underperforming headlines.

Instead turn your existing weak headlines into KILLER HEADLINES! And watch your sales grow.


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