No…me neither.

Let’s be honest – no matter how much time you spend working on marketing materials, if no one reads them, you’ve wasted your time. But I’ll let you in on a secret that gives the response rate of your marketing efforts incredible superpowers…


The thing is, no one reads ads for fun. People only read what they find interesting. Sometimes that’s an ad. But if you want to capitalise on that “sometimes”, you need a writer who understands what makes great copy.

That’s what I do. I’m not just a copywriter – I’m your lead-generating, forever-testing, human-shaped MARKETING MACHINE! I spend (almost) all my time studying, writing and testing copy to make sure it will bring you the response you’re after. But how can you be sure I’m the writer for you?

Well, consider the three most important questions you can ask yourself when hiring a copywriter:

  1. Am I going to have to re-write every damn word they hand me?
  2. Will they deliver within the timeframe?
  3. Can this person write copy that leads to immediate action?

The answers to your questions—in my case—are: – No. – Yes. – Definitely! How can I be so sure?

What sets me apart is my thirst for knowledge. I’m an obsessive bookworm (I’ve read 27 books on advertising, copywriting, marketing and sales since January 1st).

Punctuality – I’m a firm believer in the following: “Early is on-time, on-time is late, and late is unacceptable.” Basically, I’m the weird guy that shows up to the party 5 minutes early. It’s a condition, I need help. But lucky for you, this means I live by your deadlines and treat them with the utmost respect.

Copywriting – Consider this a case study: The copy you’re reading RIGHT NOW with YOUR OWN EYES is well below-the-fold. You’ve had to read down A SIGNIFICANT DISTANCE to get to this point. Your eyes are probably tired…And all the result of compelling copy.

Now, I understand the difference between encouraging someone to read my cover letter, and be influenced to buy your products is huge. But you see the underlying principles, don’t you? That a few words, carefully selected, can compel a reader to take action? Aren’t you at least a little convinced I have what it takes?

Let’s arrange a chat right now and allow me to convince you completely.

All the best,

Adam Parrott


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