Every business needs new customers. So naturally, it makes sense to put some energy into new business development. But when looking to increase sales for your business, don’t ever forget who your easiest customers to sell to are.

They’re the easiest and most predictable. And they’re hiding right under your nose!


Third Easiest Customer

You might be surprised to know that the third easiest customer for you to sell to is….your LOST customers. That’s right, despite the fact that these customers may not have brought your product or used your service for several years; this group of customer is infinitely easier to sell to than new customers…providing you know how, of course.

Your lost customers are already aware of you, your business, your products and your services – it could be a simple case of generating a Reactivation Programme with a series of juicy emails or letters with intriguing offers sent in the post, enticing them to come back – or you might want to look at why you lost their custom in the first place, then find the best solution to win them back. More often than not it’s something very simple that will see them return to you as a loyal customer.




Second Easiest Customer

So if lost customers are the third easiest crowd of customer s to recruit (or re-recruit), who’s the second easiest customer to sell?

Well, the answer is simple – referrals.

Unfortunately, many businesses get caught up in the myth that if you take care of your current customer base, treat them well, supply awesome products and provide an excellent service their customers will instantly refer their friends to you. WRONG! And wishful thinking, too.

Not having a Customer Referral Program in place is a HUGE marketing mistake. The furthest thing from your customer’s thoughts when they walk away from doing business with you is, “Ooh, I should tell all my friends about this awesome company and the amazing service they provide.” – And it’s not because they don’t want to, because I’m sure your company is awesome and your service is amazing. It’s just that they’re busy getting on with their lives and taking charge of their own concerns.

So what can you do?

Easy, introduce a Customer Rewards Referral System. This will give your current customers an incentive to refer you to their family and friends. And don’t wait until they walk away and have forgotten about you – implement it when you’re signing them up. Give them an incentive to refer people your way.


First Easiest Customer

Okay, now we move on to the part you’ve been waiting for – who is the easiest customer to sell to?

If you haven’t already guessed…your current customers are the easiest group of customers that you can sell to. Your present customers are already happily buying your products and using your services – all you need to do is increase the frequency of your contact with them.

It surprises me how many businesses are too afraid to keep regular contact with their customers after the sale. Remember, the quality of your relationships with your customer will depend of the quality of your communication with them.

According to a survey conducted by DIRECT Magazine in 1999 – the recommended frequency of contact with your customer should be every 20 days.

Just stop for a moment and think, for every month that you don’t communicate with your customers, if you were to lose 10% of them, in just 10-months you will back to square one and reaching for the phone book!

But if you’re reading this and thinking, “Hey, I only contact my customers twice a year and my sales are just great.” Imagine how much better your sales could be if you mailed them more frequently. If you’re afraid of irritating your customer, you’re wrong!

You can get an instantaneous increase in your sales with your current customer base just by upping your contact with them. Try sending a monthly direct mail piece and a weekly email and see how you get on.


Try focussing your sales efforts on these three customers today and you could see a surprising spike in revenue immediately.


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