I’ll wager with you right now – if you communicate with your customers more than your competitors do, you’ll outdo them every time.

It amazes me how many businesses are content to sit back and do nothing. They waste too much time sweating the small stuff and ignore their customers in the process.

Just like your own personal relationships, your communication with your customers must be maintained and kept fresh at all times. Purely by communicating more often with your customers – and preferably with offers that excite and interests them – this will do wonders for your business. And, ultimately, your bottom line, too.

I know this may all sound very simple and glaringly obvious, but often it’s the obvious that gets overlooked.

Here’s something a friend does with his small business – Each week he sends out an e-mail to his customer base and potential clients – It’s the exact same email every time, and admittedly it’s not that amazing either, but it works. And so he keeps on sending it, week after week after week!

Sending something is better than sending nothing. You never know when your customers are in the market to buy your products, so you have to keep plugging away.

So the next time you find yourself squandering precious time and pondering over the small details of your business which will make little difference, remember – just get on with it!


To become the leading company in your field you need to implement the following two steps:

  1. Communicate with your customers more than your competitors currently do.
  2. Don’t waste precious time on the small stuff. Simply get on with it.


You just need to get started. Write an email today and send it to your customers. It doesn’t have to be the best email ever constructed – And remember this golden rule:

Perfection is the enemy of good

Like Nike tell us – “Just Do It”


Of course, it’s a good idea to test whether one email works better than another. Testing will remove all excuses for inaction.

Take on board this sage piece of advice from direct mail advertising pioneer Richard V Benson:

Step 1 – Test everything.

Step 2 – Refer to step 1


It’s no surprise to hear that there’s a direct relationship between communication and profit. The more you tell the more you sell. So I’d suggest that you continue to keep communicating right up until the point where it costs you more to send your emails/letters than the income they generate.

Be persistent. Keep at it until it doesn’t pay…then give it a rest and try again.




What can you do right now?

  • Communicate more frequently and persistently with your prospects until you get results.
  • Keep communicating until it no longer pays.
  • Vary and test your messages to see which works best.


I’ll leave you with this powerful thought – If you spend just five minutes each day thinking of reasons to talk to your prospects and customers – things that should be of benefit and interest to them (not you) – you could find it may reward you with the best ROI you ever had.


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